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Pearl Assurance House – Newcastle

Pearl Assurance House – Newcastle
Construction: ?
Architect: T P Bennetts

I couldn’t find much information on this one, thanks to @scam_ne for the designer but if you know a construction date get in touch. It’s a stumpy slab sat at one end of a three storey podium. The two are connected by a thin glazed neck, which is one of the building’s more interesting features, and one which gives a lighter feeling to the structure. The windows are recessed slightly into the rough grey concrete cladding. the lower ground floor is inhabited by various shops, the upper floors are given over to office space. While not the finest example of brutalism, it has a quiet dignity, standing aloof above the bustling crowds of central Newcastle. That dignity is threatened however by the potential of a poly carbonate cladding around the crown of the slab. A ridiculous idea, obviously. The attraction of modernism is simplicity, clean lines, and lack of ornament. Flashy gimmickry such as this strips the style of what makes it great, while in no way placating those who despise it, who will make claims of turd polishing.