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Wyndham Court – Southampton

Wyndham Court – Southampton
Construction: 1966-69
Architects: Lyons Israel Ellis

A complex of flats with several shops on the ground floor, Wyndham Court has several distinctive features which mark it out as a brutalist classic. Each of the upper floors has a different style of balcony, breaking up the exterior with interesting variety. The building’s low rise profile is punctuated by lift towers, which provide a vertical contrast to the horizontal lines of the balconies.  Much of the structure is raised on pilotis, most notably at the chamfered corners, lightening the mass of concrete and giving it a wonderful retrofuturistic look. The wood grain from the shuttering is clearly imprinted on the surface of the light grey concrete, which contributes to an overall nautical feel.

Wyndham Court was grade II listed in 1998, the listing can be viewed here.