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Lee Circle Car Park – Leicester

Lee Circle Car Park – Leicester
Construction: 1961
Architect: ?

To many the Lee Circle Car Park is an eyesore that should be demolished. The building has certainly seen better days, it was once considered a vision of the future, as you can see in this fantastic Pathé Film


Calçada do Combro Car Park – Lisbon

calçada do combro Car Park – Lisbon

I looked for this car park on Calcado do Combro on a Twitter recommendation. I eventually stumbled upon it at twilight on my last day in Lisbon. The poor light and the fact that half of the building is covered by a large advertising hoarding meant that I was unable to get as many good shots as I would have liked, but the beauty of the building still managed to shine through. The concrete construction is tempered somewhat by the soft blue tiles which cover the vertical projections on the facade, allowing it to blend in seamlessly with the older surrounding architecture. Hidden on the top floor of the car park is a delightful little roof terrace and small bar populated by some of Lisbon’s numerous hip young folk, where you can sip a cold beer and take in the fantastic view of the historic centre.