Lambeth Towers – London

Lambeth Towers – London
Construction: 1972
Architect: George Finch

A lovely little building south of the river, a short distance from two green spaces, and within sight of the Imperial War Museum. The building itself is an irregular arrangement of three blocks and two connecting spaces, each of varying heights. The blocks are three units wide and arranged in echelon formation. Many of the housing units protrude from the blocks, adding further to the irregularity and giving the whole a pleasingly haphazard appearance. The units are concrete framed with large windows and white infill panels, which I’m not usually a fan of, but they really work here despite inevitably looking a little grubby. The complex contains a pharmacy and a nice Turkish restaurant, which I can highly recommend, both for the location and the food.




1 thought on “Lambeth Towers – London

  1. Kate Macintosh

    George Finch said when interviewed in one of the maisonets, that he would like to live in one of the appartments.


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