8 Water Street – Liverpool

8 Water Street – Liverpool

I was wandering down Water Street in Liverpool when this small office building caught my eye. At street level the building is very light, with smart brown tiling, large expanses of clear glass, and slender piers to support the bulk above. The upper floors are clad in precast concrete panels in a classic unfinished grey. The window surrounds protrude slightly and the glass is highly reflective with a copper hue. These elements all combine well to give that space age as envisaged in the 70s look.

I can’t seem to find a construction date or architect so if you can help me out with that let me know. The building looks to be for let, and seems to be in a prime location for both taxis and post boxes. So, if you are into concrete and need some office space it’s worth a look.

2 thoughts on “8 Water Street – Liverpool

  1. fastfootpress

    Hi . I believe the construction date was 1973. I’m still trying to find out the name of the architects. You’d think that would be easy with such a prominent and unusual building, but so far I’ve drawn a blank.


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