Flood Barrier – Hull

Flood Barrier – Hull

Construction: 1980

I was in the area and thought I’d take a trip to Hull. Why not, right? I was expecting some interesting concrete structures, but in that regard Hull is mostly disappointing. If you can forgive that – which I can’t – Hull is otherwise very pleasant. The highlights are some of the older brick buildings around the dock area and the wonderfully kept Victorian public toilets. The most interesting structure for me is the Flood Barrier, which consists of a pair of raw concrete towers with a glazed stairwell and walkway between them. The towers support a huge steel gate which can be lowered to protect the 2017 capital of culture from tidal surges.


7 thoughts on “Flood Barrier – Hull

  1. Sally

    There’s loads of brutalist stuff in Hull! King William House, Cecil cinema etc etc and also check out the telecoms building in Grimsby!

      1. Sally

        I have got great photos of King William House and the Grimsby building but there’s also Kingston House in Hull. THe Cecil building is interesting as it is immediate post war and made of brick but it has excellent oppressively small windows! There’s some great multi story car parks too!

  2. Mathew

    Check out Essex house in Hull too. It’s quite a strange design as the bottom part is brick and concrete in construction. However the top is a fairly high solid concrete office block. I quite like it


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