1 thought on “Derbyshire Royal Infirmary Accident & Emergency Dept. – Derby

  1. Jason Matthew

    Cant belive they knocked this building down!
    The iconic DRI with all the history Florence Nighting gale
    what a beautiful site nestled between two Victorian buildings surrounded by giant maple trees!
    Unique concrete structures like the DRI are disappearing
    Shame le Corbusier didn’t design it then it would of been
    listed.They shut the DRI down and replaced it with that
    Soulless Royal Derby Hospital who designed that place
    it’s awful and its to far out of the city centre!
    They could of refubished the DRI A&E block and expanded
    the site!
    But no as usual they had to destroy pefectly good buildings’
    and spend millions on a new hospital NHS authorities are
    And what are they going to build on the once iconic DRI site?
    some ‘lm losing the will to live ‘ Barratt style housing
    development !
    God help us!


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